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AASA's Executive Director Daniel Domenech And Top State Superintendents Interviewed By Rodney Walker at the National Conference on Education Reveals Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

The National Conference on Education with Daniel Domenech addressing  superintendents and school administrators at the 2017 event in New Orleans, Louisiana. This video includes several important interviews where superintendents share their opinions about the state of K-12 education in America.

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Rodney Walker's full interview with Daniel Domenech during the national Conference on Education.

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NEW ORLEANS, La., March 2, 2017 -- AASA’s Executive Director, Daniel Domenech welcomed superintendents to the National Conference on Education where school administrators are faced with lots of questions about the future of education amid the changing of administration and unprecedented trends.

Domenech said, “It’s a very challenging time right now for education because we really don’t know the future. We really don’t understand where the new administration [is headed]. How we are going to be going and what’s going to happen. There’s a lot of anxiety on the part of people. But at the same time you almost have to see this as an opportunity.”

Rodney Walker, President of Grant Central USA also interviewed many of today’s award winning superintendents who echoed the sentiments about uncertainty about the future. Susan Lang, Superintendent of Wyoming City School District said that being a superintendent is one of the most difficult jobs in America and that it takes a lot of grit to be one.

Many school districts and superintendents are feeling the burden of increased federal mandates along with other challenges such as a lack of funding and increase poverty from their students and families. Kelly Spivey, Superintendent of Talawanda City School District said, “I’m finding that in this role we’re having to work with families more than I have ever had to in the past. How do you educate a child when they are hurting and dealing with so much trauma?”

These are a few of the many concerns that school administrators are faced with. Learn more about what educators are saying that needs to happen as they work together to discover new and innovative ways to address their challenges at School Districts that are seeking to increase their abilities to garner more education grants are encouraged to attend the Education Grants Conference where best practices are revealed to help bring in additional funds and resources.

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Over 3,000 school administrators, many of whom are school superintendents, gathered in New Orleans for their annual conference to discuss challenges, learn new best practices and take advantage of new opportunities. Many voiced economic concerns as they discussed growing trends within K-12 education.

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