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"Comprehensive information, energetic and knowledgeable teacher, great one-on-one advice." - Stephanie Van

Christina Ashford (right) and Chante Galton (standing) along with other conference attendees are brainstorming and working together during a breakout session to create better grant systems for their schools and districts. The participants are forming strategies and systems shared by Rodney Walker of Grant Central USA, today's leading expert and creator of Grant Development Systems. 

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Education Grants Conference Opens Registration to Help K-12 Educators Secure More Public & Private Grants For Schools And Districts

Rodney Walker (far right) along with some of the Education Grants Conference attendees smiling and striking a pose with the money bag. This elite group has a lot to smile about because they have been equipped with special knowledge on several of today's best practices for winning more public and private grants in a more effective and efficient way. This event gives them a tremendous competitive advantage when pursuing education grants.

"I would highly recommend this conference to anyone!" - Amanda Jelleson, Incito Schools

PASADENA, Calif., Feb. 21, 2017 -- The Education Grants Conference has officially opened registration and invites all K-12 educators, administrators, and school districts to attend this premier event scheduled for September 27 — 28, 2017 in San Diego, California at San Diego State University. A discount of $200.00 is available for conference attendees who register before March 24th.

"This conference is uniquely designed to help educators implement better grant development systems in order to secure more grants for their schools and districts by sharing today's best practices to winning education grants," says Rodney Walker, President of Grant Central USA - Grant Writers Association.

Walker says, "Most schools and school districts don't have the proper systems in place to help them get as many grants as they possibly can, which ends up costing them a lot more than just money."

He is encouraging educators nationwide to send representatives to discover how to fix these problems. "I can quickly tell which schools and districts are serious about bringing in more grant money to their agency because they normally send a team to the conference, which makes them more effective and efficient in their grant development process," says Walker.

Christina Ashford, Director of Grant Administration at District of Columbia Public Schools, attended the conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. She said, "I think this was super helpful, very informative and there were a lot of takeaways that we can implement immediately."

One of the highlights of the conference was revealing the major ways educational institutions are robbing themselves in their grant pursuit and how they can avoid these costly mistakes.

Darelene Hiltner, Executive Director of Community Financial Wellness in Bullhead City, Arizona, was sent to attend the conference by a charter school she partners with that is seeking to secure more grants. She said, "I loved every bit of this conference. The way this was put on was really helpful. The content was fabulous and I will be taking back a list about this long [spreading her arms wide] of what I learned from the whole event."

Walker says that this conference reveals why antiquated, outdated methods of securing education grants no longer work effectively and what districts need to do now in order to correct these avoidable mistakes which prevent them from getting the maximum number of grants possible. He has also launched a new education grants coaching program which is highly selective and exclusive for just a handful of agencies who attend the conference.

To register, call 1.888.293.0284 or visit

School and districts who are unable to attend have found the video recordings of the entire conference helpful. Learn more about the Education Grant Systems conference videos today.

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The Education Grants Conference ( September 27 -- 28, 2017) has officially opened registration and invites all K-12 educators, administrators, and school districts to attend in San Diego State University, San Diego, California.