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"Comprehensive information, energetic and knowledgeable teacher, great one-on-one advice." - Stephanie Van

Don Hooper, former AASA president sharing insight at the Education Grants Conference at San Diego State University with superintendents and school administrators from across the nation .

Rodney Walker briefly explaining more about the scholarships and matching grants to attend the conference and why these are available by invitation only.

Education Grants Conference Sponsors Paving The Way For Schools and Districts to Receive Scholarships and Matching Funds To Attend Training As A Team

Education Grants Conference attendee, Tiffany Taylor of  Cahokia Unit School District #187 gaining practical information to assist her district in winning more grant funding.

"I would highly recommend this conference to anyone!" - Amanda Jelleson, Incito Schools

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Grant Central USA
The majority of schools and districts across America are faced with budget shortfalls and the need for more funding. Sponsors are making it easier for a few educators to access money-making insight that previously was known only by top performing grant professionals and experts.

PASADENA, Calif., Oct. 26, 2017 β€” The Education Grants Conference is now making available a limited number of scholarships and matching funds to schools and districts to attend this event as a team instead of only sending one individual.

The conference is scheduled for September 27 - 28, 2018 in Pasadena, California and has attracted educators and top-level administrators nationwide. Rodney Walker, President of Grant Central USA and founder of this event says, β€œThese much needed scholarships will provide a tremendous boost to a small handful of schools and districts. It will provide up to a $15,000 matching grant that assist them in developing more effective methods of getting funded.”

The scholarship and matching grants are by invitation only. The conference organizers and sponsors want to ensure those most deserving of these opportunities are given a chance for consideration. Walker says, β€œThe scholarship selection committee is identifying and inviting a selected few to apply for these highly coveted matching grants. They are looking for those that are most prepared to fully take advantage of this unique opportunity which has the potential to help schools raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions.”

Theodore Boler of Burch Charter School of Excellence in Irvington, New Jersey raised $100,000 for his summer school program this year by forming a team to pursue grants and getting the by in from his board members to invest in providing stipends to help compensate their staff for the additional work they would do in pursuing grant development. His investment into learn how to prepare grant proposals and developing a team to pursue them has proven  to be a wise investment yielding huge returns.

Walker says that he hopes these scholarships and matching grants will help to produce success stories like Boler for small and large school districts that are in need of more funding. He adds that he sees this opportunity as one definite way of helping this to happen.

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