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Dear [insert Decision Maker Name],

The Education Grants Conference takes place September 27 - 28, 2017 at the San Diego State University. The Conference offers two days of educational training from funders and experienced grant professionals. This unique forum brings together funders who award grants to education agencies, K-12, colleges, universities, private education institutions seeking government and foundation grants. Therefore I would like to request approval to attend, as I believe it will further develop my technical skills and build knowledge around today's best practices in securing more grants for our agency.

The Conference ( offers comprehensive, cutting-edge educational sessions presented by leading grant industry experts.  It covers a number of important issues related to grants, including identifying grant opportunities, grant writing and grant management with a focus on education.

When I attend I’ll receive:

  • Over 12 hours of educational sessions. This year’s program includes session presentations touching on several important topics for us.
  • The chance to understand the latest trends from industry leaders and guest speakers including executives from Grant Central USA and EGC. 
  • Exclusive access for an entire year to the conference's online resource library before, during and after the event. This valuable library contains video-based trainings, samples of winning grant proposals, help articles and much more (over a $600 value).

Here are a few things I will learn...

  • Discover the TOP 10 key factors that help your education grant applications to get funded and how to make sure you do it every time to increase your odds of getting funded.
  • How to find HIDDEN GRANT OPPORTUNITIES before they are revealed to the general public and the 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO NOW to position your agency to skip to the front of the line to get them (this alone is worth the price of admission).
  • Gain INSIDER'S SECRETS of what federal grant reviewers are looking for as they review your grant application and the absolute best way to give it to them through the entire grant process.
  • Discover the FUNDAMENTALS of crafting a COMPELLING GRANT PROPOSAL that is attractive to funders and makes them want to give to your agency instead of others.
  • How to "map out" your  grant seeking strategy for the entire year...just like the pros!
  • You will also gain special access to the top tips on what your agency needs to do online and offline to create a winning GRANT CAMPAIGN that gets funded!
  • Discover why public opinion matters even when you're pursuing grants and how to orchestrate it so you benefit from it at the maximum level.

Conference Costs:

The approximate investment for my attendance is as follows (complete the information as appropriate):

  • Travel costs $__________
  • Accommodations (2 nights at $149-372/night*) $298 - $744*
  • Meals (3 days at $_________)
  • Full Conference Pass (for 2 days) $995 (standard) $895 (early) 

Total cost to attend: $____________

*The Conference has specially selected hotel rates for attendees ranging from $149-372/night at eight nearby hotels. 

Payback: Our Return On Investment

I believe the insights learned by attending EGC  will be a wise investment which will help us to garner grants in the future. The cost of a Full Conference pass seems a small price to pay for actionable insight to help us raise money for our department.

When I return from EGC, I will compile a short presentation covering speakers presentation notes, useful vendor product information, new contacts made and a proposal for implementing new ideas that will benefit our team. I will also make any Conference materials available to my colleagues.

To benefit from the current discount I need to register before April 24th, so I appreciate a quick response. Furthermore this conference has limited seating which is sure to go fast. Thank you for your consideration.


[insert Your Name]

Grant Central USA

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Thanks for your interest in attending the Education Grants Conference (EGC). We are excited about the valuable information and connections you will make at this event. Below is a letter template you can use to help justify your attendance for the conference. Simply copy and paste the document into an email or word document and fill in the highlighted portions. This will outline the value attending EGC will provide for you and your entire organization. 

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